The Images of Rene Tennant

The Wonderful Photography of Rene Tenant Who Sells His Work in the Shadows of the Notre Dame.

One of the great joys of travelling is randomly meeting inspiring people in the most unlikely of settings. Wandering along the banks of The Seine opposite the Notre Dame, I had the pleasure of meeting Rene Tenant (real name Deha Sezgin) who was setting up his riverside stall of photographs on a crisp, sunlit morning. The beauty of his work instantly captivated my attention as they featured images of Paris rooftops, little known side streets and breath-taking buildings that all captured the very essence of Paris. The images display a distinctive style of pallid light and shade, which capture the stillest of moments in an otherwise bustling city.

We chatted for at least half an hour and it transpired that Rene had an illustrious photography career working in publishing and fashion with his work published in Vogue, Marie Claire and Glamour among many others. Originally brought up in Istanbul, Rene studied at the Sorbonne in Paris and has lived a creative life in the city ever since. He knew of England well and has relations living in Somerset, but seemed perfectly at one with himself selling his work to wide-eyed tourists ambling unsuspectingly around this delightful part of the city. Needless to say, I bought a couple of miniatures that have been framed and now adorn the gallery bin my bathroom.

A genuine talent and charming man, visit his websites to find out more and purchase his stunning work