Tao of Cinderella – Textured Luxury

Silk Cusions From Tao of Cinderella

Paying £140 for a cushion might seem decadent to some not least all of my mates who roll their eyes in despair when they find out the cost of these additions to my décor. However, some things are just so unique, so beautiful and so befitting a particular interior that they justify the expense, to me anyway.

So, cushions, bolsters and throws made of hand-dyed silks in the most vibrant of colour palettes with rough hessian backings and deliberately trailing threads. First discovered in the now sadly closed Savannah Home store in Bath when I was in the process of redecorating the lounge five years ago, the vivid hues and contrasting textures proved utterly irresistible and became the foundation for the rooms redesign.

Made in deepest Somerset and available only from a few selected outlets, the cushions dominate any interior and inspire gushing conversations. I was soon totally hooked and loved matching the colours to my collection of Whitefriars textured glass despite the expense. The subsequent availability of bolsters hammered the wallet, as did the commissioning of a stunning throw for the bedroom, but the impact is dramatic as illustrated by the fantastic photographs taken by Charlie Birchmore last year.

Although still available online, I am secretly pleased that these products are no longer on display at the top of Milsom Street in Bath thus ensuring that fewer local interiors will have a similar theme. I must confess to trimming the threads and having the hessian edges stitched as my self-confessed OCD struggled to cope with the imperfections despite the artistic intentions of the creator. Now, five years on, the cost is a bygone memory and I have still yet to see anything similar that would match both the flat and my personality so perfectly. Despite the protestations of my mates, sometimes it is just worth paying the price for things that you will love for a lifetime.