Limelight Candles

Buying candles always used to do my head in. The cost of premium brand items was rarely justified by either their longevity or intensity of aroma always leaving me with a distinct sense of being ripped off. That is until I discovered Limelight Candles handmade in Catharine Biggs’ kitchen on the outskirts of Bath.Catharine lovingly sets up her stall at the monthly artisan market held in Green Park station, which is attracting an increasingly loyal clientele captivated by the authenticity and affordability of her products. Twenty quid always seems like a fair price to pay for decent-sized candle especially when they do last for ages and engulf a room with beautiful scent.

Over the last couple of years, I have watched Catherine’s business evolve into a genuine brand that is in itself a superb achievement especially in such a crowded market. Her enthusiasm is infectious especially when waxing lyrical about the benefits of using only natural ingredients and not relying on paraffin, or even securing her first hotel client. Lovingly presented in newly branded boxes and silk ribbons, her range now extends to over a dozed fragrances with exotic titles such as Wild Mint & Lime or Amalfi Lemon & Verbena, the latter being my personal favourite.

The phrase ‘disruptive’ is often overused to describe a businesses impact on any given sector, but I do believe Limelight has the potential to give some of the bigger players a serious run for their money. Paying in excess of fifty or even a hundred quid is excessive even by my somewhat distorted standards and highlights the potential for a different price point in this multi-million pound industry. Catharine’s challenge will be to maintain sufficient production to meet demand whilst maintaining the admirable values that inspired the business in the first instance.

Anyway, help her succeed by visiting her stall or buy online from the link below: