Hotter Than July

It’s hard to believe that my year long sabbatical has ended. After working like a dog since leaving Sunderland Polytechnic in 1987, taking a genuine year off has been liberating and blissful in the extreme not withstanding the inevitable bouts of trauma that afflicts most middle-aged blokes it seems.

An untimely family bereavement and finding myself single aside, it has been an amazing twelve months in which I have visited seven countries, seen forty odd gigs, lost over four stone in weight, become somewhat obsessed with cycling and lost any sense of materialism I ever had.

The details of both aforementioned traumas will be dealt with elsewhere in due course, but the purpose of this Journal is to document the next chapters of what continues to be a roller coaster of an existence where I always feel like I am swimming against the metaphorical tide.

At the age of 53 and a half, perhaps things should be more stable although I have never been inspired by the conventional prospect of settling down into a predefined existence where the years drift by almost unchanging. With my two teenage daughters forging their own identities at a speed of light and with no boss or partner to answer to, I am gripped by a sense of pure independence the like of which I have not felt since my carefree early twenties when responsibility and pressure were hitherto unknown phenomenon’s.

The ambition still burns relentless and there are many challenges ahead not least career, finance and an array of creative projects that have been simmering in the background. Finally having this blog in a half-decent state will serve as the initial platform to kick-start numerous professional activities and to champion my progress and passions. It promises to be a blast and I can’t wait…